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The Eaglegame Passport is a unified gamer account that lets you access all our game and services with a single login. It is a free to register online membership system.
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  Login name is alphanumeric characters. Spaces, special & Chinese characters are not accepted. Login name is (6 - 20) characters in length. Eg. abc1234. CANNOT BE EDITED AFTER REGISTERED. 用户名只能由字母和数字组成不可以出现空格,特殊符号和中文字体。用户名由6-20个数字或是字母组成。例如:abc1234.一旦注册成功后不能再更改。
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  Password is alphanumeric characters and is case sensitive. Spaces, special & chinese characters are not accepted. Password is (5 - 16) characters in length. 密码是由字母和数字组成的并且区分字母大小写。不可以出现空格,特殊符号跟中文字体。密码由5-16个字母数字组成。
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Please provide a valid email address Note that 1 passport account is to be registered with only 1 unique email address. Email verification will be required at the end of the registration. If you do not have an email address, you can sign up for one at www.hotmail.com or www.gmail.com 请您提供一个正确有效的邮箱,一个邮箱只能注册一个账号。如果您还没有邮箱,您可以在www.hotmail.comwww.gmail.com申请一个。
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